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  • Learn to program with the Raspberry Pi +

    Now is a great time to learn how to code! The Raspberry Pi is a fully functional miniture computer. It's Read More
  • Minecraft :: Pi Edition +

    The Raspian OS comes with Minecraft - Pi Edition pre-installed. This is certainly a bonus for someone who has never played Read More
  • AppGameKit now available for FREE on Raspberry Pi! + AppGameKit - Raspberry Pi - Tested: Windows, Linux & Raspberry Pi The AppGameKit is a game engine that allows the creating of Read More
  • Quantum Computing - "Oh Boy!" + "A modular design is absolutely critical in order to realize a quantum computer with truly phenomenal processing power". Disclaimer: Read More
  • Zoids R Us +

    They Live At first I wasn't sure what way to react after seeing the Boston Dynamics "Robo-Dog-a-Saurus". It's clearly calibrated Read More
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